Giant flower making course

After three months of careful planning and preparation, our online course on giant flower making is finally ready to meet you! Follow Jade, the chief designer of QingDao EAGLE, step by step to start a funny journey of making giant flowers! Our advantages: Our online course will be taught by Jade Feng, the chief designer of Qingdao EAGLE. The full English teaching will be assisted by accurate English subtitles (YouTube can be switched to other languages), so you don’t need to worry about not being able to understand the course at all. Contents of the course: We are launching an online course that will explain to you in detail through six lessons including how to make giant tulips, snowdrops, daffodils, irises, roses and poppies in paper or organza. And by sending you the materials for making giant flowers by free post (including silk, organza, crepe paper, soft wire, space clay, dye, glue gun, petal stencil, and ironing device) you can start your giant flower learning journey in the most convenient way! Of course, we will also launch advanced courses to teach you to make grape hyacinths, fritillary flowers and other more difficult flower types, please look forward to it!